In a slight break from tradition, we are moving away from a solely challenge-focused hackathon this year. While there is still one partner-proposed challenge, alongside this we will be introducing looser themes under which participants can ideate and prototype.

The NAO challenge

The most innovative use of WGA data to throw a light on government spending.


Engagement - How can we further engage people are with smaller elections; with the workings of government departments, or with matters of everyday politics that can and do affect their lives? Equally, how can we help people engage out with their social media echo chambers?

Accountability - Rather than attach a theme of accountability to a specific department or dataset, this year we hope participants will think about ways in which accountability can impact the wider political landscape; voting, campaigning, lobbying etc.

Solved? - The theme ‘Solved?’ is a chance for participants to help each other solve problems that will make progress, change or simply the everyday workings of government digital teams so much easier.

Within all of our themes, originality, thinking outside the box and even erring on the side of the controversial is encouraged. After all, it wouldn’t be a political event without a healthy dose of controversy now would it?!